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Language: English and ASL
All ages: kids, t
eens, adults and families
$125 for 50 min

See events page for information about group events and workshops


This can look like: Using visualization, engaging the senses, art, and other tools to help you discern the most authentic way to express your gender. Playful and fun spaces to explore gender euphoria. Support figuring out when, where, and how you would like to come out to others; alternatively, navigating life without coming out. Navigating medical transition (such as hormones and surgery), and social transition (name change, pronouns, clothing, hair, expression, finding community, etc.). Support discerning what identity words feel right for you at this time.


ADHD Coaching; Autism Coaching

Are you ADHD, Autistic, or otherwise Neurodivergent and need support creating a life that works "with" your brain?  Have you known about your Neurodivergence for a while but need practical guided support with daily life tasks, work, or school? 

I can offer, psycho-education and personalized tools to help you meet your goals. This can include: developing strategies to clean your home, eat consistently, keep up with schoolwork/work, or simply living with more ease. I also provide sensory education to help you maintain nervous system health and build resiliency.


Spiritual support

Have you recently gone through a big impactful psychedelic/spiritual experience and need help integrating it into your everyday life? Want to deepen your relationships with plants, the elements, animal medicine, and spiritual guides? Feel called to go deeper into a non-appropriative earth based spiritual practice, but unsure where to start? Want to shore up your energy protection and boundaries?

The spiritual support I offer combines my years of experience in mental health and earth based spiritual practice. I meet you where you are and offer compassionate guidance.


Gender Education

For individuals, families, and businesses.
I will teach you how to support people in your life who are trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming. This may look like: psycho-education, guided practice using correct pronouns, interrogating internalized transphobia through introspective activities such as journaling, assessing how trans-inclusive your workplace is and creating a plan to address deficits, etc.


Neurodivergence Education

For businesses who want to offer better accommodations for ADHD, Autistic, and other Neurodivergent workers. 

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