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Interested in holiday support? Fill out my survey here

Queer/trans and Neurodivergent focused
workshop series/discussion group

Are you interested in a collaborative space with
other people trying to stay true to themselves
during the holidays?

Are you interested in upgrading your boundaries?

Do you want to cultivate more self-care

in a communal space?

Staying True to Yourself During the Holidays is a weekly online workshop series and discussion group that will take place from November 16th - January 4th on Wednesdays (except the 23rd of November). We will also have 2 drop-in sessions on November 25th and December 26th for extra support.

We will cover several topics: social support and connections, planning out gentle goals, setting boundaries, mindfulness around patterns of behavior, resource mapping, self-care strategies, and celebrating our progress. This space is trans and Neurodivergent centered, it is not required that you have those identities to join. For more information about topics covered, check out my blog post.

This is not a therapy group, I offer education and skills, as well as facilitate group discussions so we can all learn from each other. This is not a space for people who are in an active mental health crisis. If you are unsure if this group is appropriate for you, send me an email at for a free discussion meeting.

Meeting Dates

(You can access meeting recordings after the date you registered)

5:30 PM - 7 PM PST


Nov 16th

Nov 25th (Drop-in)

Nov 30th

Dec 7th

Dec 14th

Dec 21st

Dec 26th (Drop-in)

Dec 28th

Jan 4th

Regular Wednesday meetings will be held in a small group discussion format, if you can't make the meetings live, you can send me your thoughts and questions. The drop in spaces will be informal and unstructured spaces for venting and/or witnessing each other.

Price and logistics: The cost for this workshop series is $40 each session (the drop-in support times are free once you register and pay for your first workshop). Payment for the workshop is required before attending. When you join, you can get access to meetings going forward, but not to previous meetings. 

Accessibility: Meetings will be held online with Google Meet and use automatic captions. To request an ASL interpreter or other accommodations, email  

Note: I am going to revamp my offerings to fit the needs of those who are interested in this type of support, but I need your feedback to know what to offer!

Interested in holiday support? Fill out my survey here

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