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Rainbow Winnike
MSW (they/them)

Hello, I am Rainbow, also known as Bowie. I am a non-binary, trans, and Neurodivergent support specialist living on Tongva Land. I am a human wellness nerd with over a decade of personal, professional, and researched experience helping people live their most authentic lives. My background in art, education, mediation, and mental health gives me a vast spectrum of tools to help you on your journey. As I guide you on your path, know that I have also committed my life to personal growth and authentic living. I am also constantly researching what helps others and developing my professional skills. At the end of the day, you are the expert in your own life. My goal is to use my skills to help you tap into your own truth and provide you the individualized tools that you need to thrive.

Check out a blog post about my story here.



My services are informed by my lived experience, research, communal wisdom, activist engagement, and professional work.


I have my Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Gallaudet University, 2017, where I focused on researching trauma informed practices, disability justice, trans / gender non-conforming needs, and Nuerodivergent wellness. Before that, I received an BFA in Art Education from the University of Dayton, 2011.

I have worked in a variety of fields related to human wellness since 2009 including: providing shelter and resources to people experiencing homelessness, LGBTQIA+ support services, art education, childcare, mental health services*, case management, ASL interpreting, and sex education. In my own communities I have informally supported many people through their gender explorations/transitions since 2013. I also have experience researching and living as an ADHD and Autistic person in Nuerodivergent community.

An incomplete list of my trainings: consensus facilitation, mental health first aid, conflict resolution mediation, trauma informed care, Managing and Adapting Practices - evidence informed mental health practices*, play therapy*, Deep Liberation Energy Body Clearing, Moon Studio courses on energetic boundaries and intuition, Sensory Therapist courses on sensory system management, nervous system regulation, ADHD tools, trans 101 educator training, anti-oppression trainings, etc.

*Even though I was trained in clinical therapeutic techniques, I am not licenced to provide therapy at this time. My services are not a replacement for work with a licenced mental health provider. 

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