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Rainbow Chrysalis Coaching, LLC
The Witchy Gender Doula

Support for NeuroQueers in finding and living their truth through playful exploration


Services offered in English and ASL.



"Bowie leads with a contagious, playful, curiosity that inspires me to explore my own expression. They are able to hold serious topics and also find a sense of adventure and possibility when needed."


 Rainbow (Bowie) Winnike 
they /them

Hello! I am a AuDHD, trans, nonbinary, and intuitive. I have been on a long journey of self discovery and blessed to share space with many wise trans and neurodivergent souls. In my work I tie in my professional experience in art, education, social work and animistic spiritual practices. I love blending science with intuition to support my clients.


What this can look like: I use visualization, engaging the senses, art, and other tools to help you discern the most authentic way to express your gender. I help you to find the words to come out at work, to family, and friends. Together we will develop an individualized plan for medical and social transition. And more.


Neurodivergent support

Working with me you will gain a better understanding of your brain through psycho-education and personalized tools to help you meet your goals. This can include: developing strategies to clean your home, eat consistently, keep up with schoolwork/work, or simply living with more ease. I provide sensory education to help you maintain nervous system health and build resiliency.


I will teach you how to support people in your life who are trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming. This may look like: psycho-education, guided practice using correct pronouns, interrogating internalized transphobia through introspective activities such as journaling, assessing how trans-inclusive your workplace is and creating a plan to address deficits, etc.

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